The Album….Is it safe out there?

This album was born as a project to keep our creativity alive during the lockdown, and to assist some of our friends through that strange time.

The project originally envisaged a simple EP but as we progressed we saw that there was an exciting possibility to expand our ambitions and produce an album of some favourite songs with our friends Kevin Dempsey, Urban Folk Quartet, and John Wallace, our long-term collaborator.

We all individually recorded the tracks in our home studios in London and the midlands over the summer and autumn of 2020. Our producer Joe Broughton then had the unenviable task of bringing it all together to make everything balanced and harmonious.

We’re really proud of what we all achieved. The album will be available via streaming sites from March 4th 2022.

You can buy the CD version now on our Etsy website :

Who are Paxton & Morris Music?

Paxton & Morris are husband and wife duo Maggie Kenny and Drew Wegg.

Although we are amateur musicians who enjoy playing local gigs and small events, the lockdown in 2020 affected us, as it did all musicians through the country, some finding their livelihoods completely at a standstill.

Our Paxton & Morris Music Friends

We couldn’t have done it without these guys, (or John and Dan who aren’t in the photo)

Joe Broughton : Violin / Mandolin / Electric Bass / Percussion
Tom Chapman : Cajón & Cymbals / Percussion
Kevin Dempsey : Guitar / Slide Guitar / Backing Vocals
Paloma Trigás : Violin / Backing Vocals
John Wallace : Guitar / Slide Guitar / Ukulele
Dan Walsh : Banjo